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John, I feel inclined to call you by your first name because I have come to know you quite well through your book(s) and articles. Your book and articles always give me hope that there is still somebody out there who speaks strongly and convincingly of the issues relating to the Catholic teaching on marriage. When I read you, I feel that I am in the company of a friend. I appreciated especially your comments on the far-reaching implication of dissent. It makes so much sense to me. It is the best explanation that I have read for the causes that led up to the sex scandals that have reached into the clergy and even into the hierarchy. The problem had to start in some seminaries where there was a weakening of commitment to the teaching of the Church regarding related areas concerning sexual morality and styles of life acceptable to a celibate. A priest fan of yours in Lusaka, Zambia

Keep working with NFP. It is very important. It is incredible how contraception is taken for granted, the evils of which are never addressed. You have done a lot of good even if many don't know it. Fr. Paul Marx, OSB

It is wonderful to hear that the efforts are expanding into Georgia and other Eastern European countries. Enclosed please find a one-time gift. We know it is not much, but wanted to tithe on some unexpected money that we ourselves just received.

I wanted to thank you for your work over the past forty years. Your insights on marriage and child care (breastfeeding in particular) have made a tremendous impact on my life and how I view my roles as wife and mother. I am 30; I was raised in a culture of selfishness---a quality incompatible with successful family life. I was exposed as a young mom to Babywise philosophies and others like it, which made mothering my first two children much more of a struggle than it had to be. I am expecting my fifth baby, and I have such deep regret that those two older girls never had the advantage of a mother who was willing to give herself to them completely. I was so busy trying to figure out where to draw the line between their needs and allowing them to manipulate me. As I said, such regret!

I also did not have a proper view of what marriage really is during the first few years, mainly because in our Protestant church getting married was viewed as something that we were doing, rather than something God was doing in us. That concept is kind of hard for me to describe! I became familiar with your writings when I was pregnant with our third child and my life has literally not been the same since. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you. I pray your work continues and touches many more lives.

People want to be told the truth. Of course, sometimes you can draw someone in and then educate them more deeply later. But I can say that when I read the Art of NFP and BF and NCS, I was a pro-choice, career-oriented feminist and when I read the moral theology in there, it was eye-opening. For the first time, there was a straightforward, clear, understandable explanation of the teachings - not a tiptoeing around of it so that I couldn't imagine how anyone could really understand it. And it changed my life. I responded to the clear presentation of the truth.

I love the Rosaries and meditations that you have on your website.

By God's grace we have been living according to our new knowledge of Catholic sexual ethics, and it has been a pure blessing to our marriage in every way. I owe you much.