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NFP Articles

McCarrick and the Theological Environment (2019)

The New Acceptance of Sodomy (2019)

A Short History of Natural Family Planning (2016)

Nature, Scripture and the Sexual Revolution (2016)

What Couples Have a Need and a Right to Know (2016)

Marriage Preparation: What Couples Have a Need and a Right to Know (2015)

Ecological Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing (2015)

The Influence of Contraception and NFP on Society (David Prentis, 2015)

A Catholic Case for Humanae Vitae (2013)

The Right Kind of NFP (2012)

Refilling the Empty Pews: Can an NFP Course Be an Agent of Evangelization (2012)

NFP Instruction: Organ Recital or New Evangelization (2012)

Natural Family Planning & the New Evangelization (2011)

Sexual Revolution, Part 1 (2008)

Sexual Revolution, Part 2 (2008)

The Sin of Onan (2007)

The U.S. Bishops Pitch Natural Family Planning (2007)

Understanding Humanae Vitae (2007)

The Influence of One Priest (2007)

NFP Courses: Asking Questions Can Be Helpful (2006)

John Kippley's Covenant Theology of Sex (Tracy Jamison, 2006)

Reasons for Natural Family Planning (Msgr. William B. Smith, 2005)

The Repentant Sterilized Couple (2005)

The Facts of Life and Marriage (W. Bradford Wilcox, 2005)

A Prophecy Fulfilled (Dick Cremins, S.J., 2002)

The Disintegration of the Family and Casti Connubii, 70th Anniversary (2001)

NFP: The Various Components (2001)

Two By Two (1998)

Truth or Consequence: 65 Years of Contraception Takes Its Toll (1996)

Casti Connubii: 60 Years Later (1991)

Apologetics and Birth Control (Nov 1990)

Casti Connubii A Birthday to Celebrate (Dec 1990)

Humanae Vitae at Age 20 (1988)

A Covenant Theology of Sex (1983)

Cephalad Shift of the Cervix Uteri
(Edward Keefe, M.D. 1977)

Assessment of Gestational Age (Konald Prem, MD. 1976)

Continued Dissent: Is It Responsible Loyalty? (1971)

Regarding the Reliability of the Temperature Method for the Prevention of Conception (G. K. Doering, MD 1967)

Holy Communion: Eucharistic and Marital (1967)

Dr. Prems talk: What About Rhythm? And the Benefits of Temperature (Konald A. Prem, MD., after 1963)