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Systematic NFP

Comments on systematic NFP

Thanks! I downloaded and printed much of the manual a few weeks ago. I'm so thankful that you've made this resource available! It is such a blessing to low-income families.

I am very happy that we've found this method. My Ob/Gyn wouldn't even talk to me about natural family planning. Thankfully a couple at church told us about it. This method is healthy and natural, and it's given both my husband and me an appreciation and awe over the wonderful way God created women's bodies to work. Thanks for helping us learn!

Thank you so much for helping David and me learn natural family planning. I appreciate your responses to my charts. I must admit at first we were a little nervous trusting this method. However, we studied and applied the rules and most of all gave all our trust to the Lord. Every month I watched my temperatures go up and down and I am amazed how awesome God created our bodies!

I pray that all Christian families learn about this method so they can give control over this area of their lives to the Lord. I was so surprised that this has been around for 25 years and I've never heard of it. We are Southern Baptists and we only heard about waiting until marriage for relations, but never about what to do after marriage. Every couple and woman should be given this option from their physician. Young women beginning menstruation for the first time should be taught to monitor their health. Some might appreciate their bodies more and be less likely to allow pre-marital relations. I believe Christians could take back our country from the liberal media and World View if all Christian families practiced natural family planning. May you continue to reach out to all Protestant denominations and the soon-to-be believers in our Lord Jesus. God bless you!

I am very pleased to report to you that Michael and I were successful in achieving pregnancy this past month! We are so overjoyed, and feel so blessed. I guess all we needed to do was pray harder. I did read Marilyn Shannon's book [Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition] and started adding some supplements that I think I was lacking in, but only after I was actually pregnant. So really we didn't change anything. Thank you again for your help and for taking the time to talk to me when we were having difficulties.

Thank you for the NFP manual at your website and for your advice. Your help and your resources are very much appreciated.