Thanks for the Online Natural Family Planning Manual

The NFPI manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, is available on the home page of  A $10 donation is suggested for the download, and some contribute more, for which we are grateful.   For those who are truly poor, it is free.  Anyone may download the chart on the home page for free. Below are comments from those who appreciated the download of this manual.

“I was very appreciative that you made available the download version of the manual, etc. I think that your approach is welcoming, educated and balanced. I love that you don’t hide the Catholicism, but also don’t shove it down people’s throats (who may be protestant/secularist). It is a beautiful way of inviting people to practice NFP, ecological breastfeeding and maybe see the beauty of Catholicism ;).”

“Thanks for the great resources, especially the manual!”

“We have begun reading the NFP manual and checking my temperature so we can keep an eye out for my fertility. We are both thoroughly enjoying eco-breastfeeding. We take our baby everywhere and both enjoy the extra cuddling at night, especially my husband who commutes for an hour each direction to work everyday and misses the children sorely 5 days a week. Your book and website are truly a blessing to our whole family, offering us invaluable support in our battle to raise our family with God’s will and His plan instead of giving in to social pressure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“The NFPI manual was very easy to read and understand, enabling quick use of NFP.  This is our first month using it.  We switched immediately from contraception, and we are already noticing a difference in our relationship.”

“I really appreciated your Biblical foundation to marriage relationships. It helped my husband and me to really understand and follow God’s view of the marriage act. I recommend people getting married to read your Introduction in the NFP book because I think it is a lot more solid than most mainstream Christian views.”

“Thank you for providing this book online for small donations. My husband and I are converts to the Catholic faith and I wanted to start out right in all aspects, but we couldn’t afford several hundred for classes. Once we have the extra money I plan to take the NFPI home study course for a certificate.”

“We forgot to donate during the initial download of the manual, but we”ve since given $25.00. Hope it helps you help other people like me.”

“Thank YOU for providing this invaluable information without charging an arm and a leg.  I figure, if you want Catholics to practice NFP, it should be easy to get access to materials, and some people just don’t have money for fancy courses but still want to do what’s morally right.”

Sheila Kippley

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