5. God, Church, and Breastfeeding

What every woman, man, and Catholic bishop and priest need to know about God’s plan for spacing babies.

More witnesses:

“As far as I understand it, Ecological Breastfeeding, the non-systematic form of NFP,  is meant to be the main form for Catholics to use, and the systematic form is meant for use in only “grave circumstances.”  Not only does breastfeeding  provide infertility that will make it possible to avoid the cancer-causing pill and still achieve healthy spacing between babies, breastfeeding also greatly reduces the risks of breast cancer. The longer a woman nurses, the more her risks decrease. And there are many other health benefits to the mother.  My youngest is 15 months old and I have not had any signs of my fertility returning.”

“Still nursing my 19 month old full time (a few times an hour as needed) and we are both in love :-)”  —from a Jewish mother practicing eco-breastfeeding

“I am just finishing your book, Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing. What an informative, well written book!  By way of information, I am a 33 year old Catholic, working mother of a 19 month old.   My husband and I are both attorneys.  I pumped the entire first 15 months while at work.  I met my daughter for lunch feedings.  I did not begin introducing solids until 8 months.  I co-slept from the beginning.   I feel that all of these practices enabled me to establish a strong breastfeeding relationship and a bond with my daughter. People often think I’m crazy for nursing this long.  I really have enjoyed your book and it gives me hope about my life’s plan.
I am writing because I am concerned about the amenorrhea.  As I mentioned, it has been 19 months and still no period.  I am eager to have another baby or two. I am concerned because of my age. We are not ready to wean.   In fact, we are co- sleeping and she still nurses frequently throughout the night. I do not nurse during the day.   I love my nursing relationship and would prefer to continue nursing through a pregnancy. Thank you for your time and all of your efforts.  It is because of individuals such as yourself that I have managed to work and still mother the natural way.”

Further reading: The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor.  Both Catholic laity and clergy should read Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood.  It applies the papal Theology of the body to the bodily activity of breastfeeding.

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Sheila Kippley

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