Motherhood: The Highest Calling

In the evening of July 24, I happened to turn on talk radio while working in the kitchen and began listening to Dave Ramsey’s talk show on finances.  Mr. Ramsey is a popular national radio personality and a personal money-management expert who, to me, seems to stress being debt-free.  Several questions that night dealt with finances so that the mother could stay home with her children.

He listed the expenses a working mother with young children incurs, and it came to $25,000— similar to what the experts were saying about ten years ago.

I was especially impressed with his emphasis on the importance of being there for your children.  As he said, “the highest calling is motherhood.”  And he repeated himself, that he could think of no higher calling.  Thank you, Mr. Ramsey.  It is so rare to hear that kind of statement today.  I’m sure it was appreciated by many mothers who hope to stay home with their children.

Sheila Kippley

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