5. Natural Family Planning and Ecological Breastfeeding

Dr. Konald Prem while at the University of Minnesota Medical School noted that back in 1895 a researcher found that there was about a 6% chance of pregnancy while breastfeeding prior to menses return.  Dr. Prem’s own research (1971) corroborates this.  [Both of these research papers are available at the NFPI website.]  Thus the evidence indicates that the mother who follows the ecologically natural mothering program of nursing her baby will have a 94-95% probability of remaining infertile prior to the return of menses.  It is close to 100% during the first six months or “total breastfeeding” months when the “total mothering” program is followed.

A couple educated in sympto-thermal observation can likewise ascertain to a very large degree the approach of  ovulation that occurs prior to the first menses period.  More research and writing needs to be done on the transitional phase from breastfeeding to the sympto-thermal method within the context of natural conception regulation for the nursing mother. (First printed in 1971)

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