Breastfeeding: Nursing Mothers’ Reflections on the Beatitudes

4. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

My baby is only four months old. My husband works for the Church. At times we both attend Church meetings together, and I have been able to bring my breastfed baby to such meetings. However, we have been asked to participate in a weekend retreat in two months, but we were told we must leave our baby at home. With nursing, that is impossible. Our baby will not take a bottle and would miss me greatly if I left her with someone else, even it that person was my mother. What are we to do?

Please, Lord, give me the wisdom to use the right words to seek justice in this situation. Give my husband and me a gentle spirit so we can convey to our pastor next week our particular dilemma. I will reassure the pastor that our baby will not disturb any of the talks or events at the retreat. If our baby fusses, I will take him out immediately. Lord, please help me to answer any objections that may come up at the meeting with our pastor. Give us the courage and calmness to express ourselves well so that our pastor will better understand our situation. Help him to understand the needs of the baby for his mother and her milk, and that the baby has a right to his mother’s milk.   And thank you, Lord, for our wonderful baby. What a gift to us. (anonymous mother)
(Sheila Kippley, 2005)

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