Ways to Learn Natural Family Planning

NFPI Manual: Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach
Most couples can learn natural family planning simply by reading this book and doing the practice work as they read along. Couples learn all the signs of fertility and ecological breastfeeding, all in the context of Catholic teaching. This manual can be purchased or easily downloaded at a suggested $10 donation. See the home page of www.NFPandmore.org.

NFPI Online Course: The NFP Home Study Course is available for a suggested donation that is about half of what most other NFP organizations charge. You learn more but pay less. You also receive individual attention via regular email correspondence during the course. Click at the top of the home page of www.NFPandmore.org for Home Study Course to learn more about this online educational service.

Your Right to Know: This is one of the most important services at the NFPI website. NFP International is an organization that teaches all the common fertility signs and rules, provides Catholic Church teaching related to the practice of natural family planning, and teaches ecological breastfeeding for the natural spacing of babies. We believe that married couples have a right to decide what options they want to use, not the NFP teacher. The only way you can choose is by knowing the legitimate moral choices.
At “Your Right to Know” at the top of the home page of www.NFPandmore.org you will find eleven subjects that should be taught at a good natural family planning class. Click each one!

NFPI blogs: Every week a blog is posted. During NFP Awareness Week and World Breastfeeding Week a blog is posted daily. Click at the top of www.NFPandmore.org.

Facebook: For those needing support and want to stay in touch with NFPI, click at the top of www.NFPandmore.org. Ann Craig handles this media. Ann is the wife of Steve Craig who is the new Executive Director of NFPI.

NFPI website: Many research papers and articles related to natural family planning or historical events are available at the NFPI website. Explore and enjoy.

Sheila Kippley


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