Natural Family Planning and Infertility

We encourage those who are having a problem conceiving to come to the NFP International website,, and use the NFPI teaching manual for fertility help.  We list natural recommendations to aid fertility on pages 68 and 69 of our manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, and research has shown some of our recommendations to be successful, especially bullet #6 and #7 on page 68.  Anyone can download our manual for a suggested donation of $10.

The temperature sign gives a positive indication of post-ovulation hormones.  It is also the best indicator of pregnancy, the estimated due date, and the age of the unborn baby as we explain in our manual.  The temperatures also can tell you that you are not pregnant.

Another idea is to abstain from Day 1 of the cycle until you are into your very fertile mucus just prior to the shift.  This is what we did after we went through several cycles without conceiving, and it worked.  We conceived our 4th daughter.  This is one of Dr. Prem’s rules to aid conception.

Here is another idea that worked for one couple.  We had close friends who wanted a large family and had everyone praying for them.  After many years of trying, they were told she was allergic to her husband’s sperm.  They were told to use a condom for a year which was against their faith.  Instead they turned to adoption and eventually adopted 5 children. Because of our friendship, this same couple learned about guaifenesin and tried it for one cycle.  (Guaifenesin has been used for years in some cough syrups to liquefy bronchial mucus.  It also has a similar effect on cervical mucus.) She conceived immediately and breastfed her sixth baby.  Later they wanted to conceive again and used quaifenesin daily per instructions on the bottle at the beginning of the cycle until she started her temperature shift.  Again quaifenesin gave them their desired pregnancy.   Later they conceived again but this time they did nothing to enhance her fertility.   Conception happened without any outside help.

At our website we also have two books that may be helpful to those couples trying to achieve a pregnancy.  They are Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition and The Fertility Diet.

Sheila Kippley
Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach

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