7. NFP and Ecological Breastfeeding

Many people are not aware of the natural birth spacing of ecological breastfeeding.  What most people believe is that breastfeeding does not space babies.  These blogs during World Breastfeeding Week were posted to show that breastfeeding does space babiesResearch also supports this fact which is available at the NFP International website.

What exactly is ecological breastfeeding?  It is that form of nursing in which the mother fulfills her baby’s needs for frequent and unrestricted suckling and her full-time presence and in which the child’s frequent and unrestricted suckling postpones the return of the mother’s fertility.  The Seven Standards of ecological breastfeeding are maternal behaviors which are associated with an extended length of amenorrhea or natural infertility.

Those interested in this subject are encouraged to read The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor. ..available in print or as an e-book.

Sheila Kippley

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