Breastfeeding is life-saving for babies.

Moemi Weis has produced a documentary on “Milk” which shows the importance of breast milk for the health of the baby.  The lives of 1.4 million babies could be saved by breastfeeding.  Breastfed infants are six times more likely to survive the early months than those babies not breastfed.  In a crisis formula should not be given to mothers who are breastfeeding.

The Pope has offered support for her project.  Please encourage your NFP instructor, your clergy, your church leaders, and any missionary group you support to promote breastfeeding, especially ecological breastfeeding which improve the health outcomes with extended breastfeeding.  Look for the promotion of breastfeeding in their literature or magazines.  Ecological breastfeeding is also God’s plan for spacing babies.  As one African man stated at a family conference we attended years ago in Rome, their women depended on breastfeeding for natural spacing.

For more information on the necessity of breastfeeding, see or click “Milk.”

Sheila Kippley


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