Natural Family Planning and the Marriage Covenant

To return to sexual morality in general, it is essential to return to marital chastity.  This entails natural family planning—God’s own way to space babies through ecological breastfeeding or, when there is a sufficiently seriously reason, the use of systematic NFP.
      These two natural methods should be understood by every lay person, priest, seminarian, and religious in addition to professional teachers and the medical representative.  We do not mean that unmarried women should be charting nor do we mean that priests should be teaching the details.  But such persons of influence should be able to convey these concepts of NFP to encourage support of Church teaching in this area.  Every married couple should understand NFP even if they desire a dozen or more children.

For more on the marriage covenant, read Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis for Morality.

For a rebirth of chastity, for a stop to contraception and abortion, and for a culture of life, let us pray.

Sheila Kippley
Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, 2009
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The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor, 2008
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