Natural Family Planning with Ecological Breastfeeding

From those of different religions:

An Amish man for his Amish bookstore regularly orders large quantities (100, then 200, and lately another 100 copies) of The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency FactorThe Seven Standards is their preferred book for spacing babies and for the health benefits of breastfeeding.

Jewish mother: ” I had my baby!  It’s a boy! It was a wonderful birth, at home, with my fabulous midwife.  I have never used any birth control of any kind.  I naturally got a break between children at 16.5 months, then 2 years and 9 months, then again 2 years and 9 months, and then 3 years.”

Another Jewish mother wrote“I wanted to proudly share my news that I just had my longest amenorrhea ever—18.5 months.  I’ve been having increasingly longer periods of time.  6.5 months after my first, 9.5 months after my second, 14.5 months after my third and fourth and 18.5 months after my fifth (my most recent baby).  I am so thrilled with   G-d’s amazing natural form of child spacing that benefits everyone in the most wonderful of ways.”

And another Jewish mother wrote:  “As a Jewish mother, I practice ecological breastfeeding and therefore have gotten a 26 months space between my 2 girls.  My husband and I don’t want to have to decide when to have or not have a baby.  We are only smart enough to know that we aren’t smart enough to know when is really the ‘best time,’ and we would rather if Hashem took care of that decision.  But what I do think is important for women to know is that you do not have to have your babies a year (or in some cases 11 months) apart in order to be a good Jewish woman.  If you practice ecological breastfeeding which in a nutshell includes unrestricted nursing (no feeding schedules!) and no bottles or pacifiers, you can get that breather between babies naturally—as it was meant to be—from Hashem!”

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Sheila Kippley
The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor

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