6. Ecological breastfeeding does space babies.

            Professionals and clergy can change.  Dr. Otto Schaefer, a German doctor, went to the Inuits in Canada, teaching the merits of formula.  He wrote down everything he observed and soon realized he was dead wrong about formula.  The observed facts led him to conclude that “breastfeeding had a greater influence on the life and health of infants than any other single factor” and that “the traditional Inuit custom of breastfeeding up until the age of three years…provided an effective type of birth control.” 

            Breastfeeding is God’s plan for baby care and baby spacing.  Today the Catholic Church speaks out against contraception in Humanae Vitae, and many in the Church promote natural family planning by charting the woman’s fertility and promoting the theology of the body.  John and I have promoted and taught ecological breastfeeding to space babies since 1969.  The research is there.  Ecological breastfeeding has so many health and emotional benefits for the mother and baby, including natural child spacing, that it should no longer be ignored by other NFP organizations, the clergy or church representatives.

            Learn God’s plan for natural child spacing by reading The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor.  Learn how the “theology of the body” is related to breastfeeding by reading Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood.


Sheila Kippley

The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor

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