A Holy Christmas to All

The “And More” part of our website deals with traditional Catholic spirituality.  In the upcoming celebration of Christmas, we thank Jesus for becoming one of us, for his whole plan of creation and redemption.  We offer the following prayer in the spirit of Christmas.  This prayer is in the 30-page Prayer Book that can be downloaded from the Spiritual Resources on our website.  Merry Christmas from John and Sheila.

To Prepare for Mass
It is the very nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that it offers praise and adoration to God, reparation for our sins, thanksgiving for the salvation wrought by Jesus Christ, and petition for the needs of the Church.  You may find it helpful to make these purposes of the Mass more clearly your own and thus become a more active participant.  You may want to pray the following prayer or something like it as you drive or walk your family to Mass, and then each family member can add his or her own special thanks and petitions.  John says this everyday as we head for Mass and we add our personal thanksgiving and petitions to the prayer for that day.

An Offering Prayer
Heavenly Father, I offer You this Mass today in praise and adoration of the Godhead—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 
     I offer this Mass in reparation for my own sins and those of each member of my family and extended families.
     I offer this Mass in thanksgiving for the whole work of creation and redemption, for the work of the prophets, for the “yes” of Jesus, for the “yes” of Mary and Joseph, for all that Jesus did and said and taught us, for his suffering and death and resurrection, for his ascension into heaven, for his sending the Spirit, for his gift of the Church, and for his priest who will celebrate this Mass.
     I offer this Mass in thanksgiving for every personal blessing You have given to me and my family, especially for the gift of faith that draws me to worship, for the gift of good health that enables me to come to Mass, for the gift of my family, and for the freedom to worship at Mass without fear of persecution. 
     I offer this Mass in solemn petition for authentic reform and renewal in the Church, for all the missionary work of the Church, for a rebirth of chastity, for a stop to contraception, and for a stop to abortion and euthanasia. 
     I offer this Mass for faith and perseverance for all those who are being actively persecuted for the Faith today; I offer this Mass for a stop to persecution of the Church; and I offer this Mass for a healing of divisions within the Church and for unity of Faith among all Christians.  
     I offer this Mass in petition for the conversion of Islam, for the conversion of the Jews, and for the conversion of China and all other lands still under the heavy hand of atheistic communism.  I offer this Mass for the conversion of my own country and all other countries that allow abortion and encourage personal immorality. 
     I offer this Mass also in solemn petition for all my personal needs and those of my family and friends—for an increase of faith, hope, love, contrition, and purity, for a deep and true spirit of religion, for the gift of wisdom, for the continuation of good health, for adequate employment, for a true spirit of Christian generosity, and for these other needs: _____________________________________.  Amen.

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