4. Humanae Vitae and Conscience

This is the fourth of several blogs about a dialogue with a dissenter.  He brought up the subject of conscience as sort of a refuge from the teaching authority of the Church.

This will be an easy blog to write.  Just as I was about to reply to my dissenting correspondent’s assertions about conscience, I was informed that the website of Ignatius Press is currently running a chapter of my book,  Sex and the Marriage Covenant.  In the book it is chapter 6 and is titled “Fundamentals about Conscience.”  At the website it is titled “The Truth about Conscience.”  

The complete answer to my correspondent would also include Chapter 7, “Forming a Correct Conscience.”  With 46 pages, it is the longest chapter in the book, compared to the nine pages in Chapter 6, and it has many quotations from the Popes showing the ways in which they have reaffirmed the teaching set forth in Humanae Vitae.  I think it is highly unlikely that Ignatius will ever publish such a long chapter at their website.  So, if you do not already have a copy of this book, I hope you will obtain it soon.

Next week: Humanae Vitae dissenter and masturbation

John F. Kippley
Sex and the Marriage Covenant

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