Natural Family Planning and Ecological Breastfeeding

Ecological Breastfeeding does make a difference.  

A French mother analyzed how she cared for her four babies.  Following is her own analysis after she completed the NFPI breastfeeding survey for each baby.

Baby 1
Breastfed for 6 months
Exclusive breastfeeding for 2 months
Cultural breastfeeding for 4 months
Amenorrhea duration: 6 months

Baby 2
Breastfed for 12 months
Exclusive breastfeeding for 3.5 months
Then culturally breastfed for 8.5 months
Amenorrhea duration: 9.5 months

Baby 3
Breastfed for 16 months
Ecologically breastfed for 15 months
Then weaned during 1 month
Amenorrhea duration: 15.5 months

Baby 4
Ecologically breastfed for 17.5 months
Amenorrhea duration: 17.5 months

The Seven Standards of ecological breastfeeding describes the maternal behaviors associated with extended natural infertility.  The main benefit is that this type of natural mothering keeps the mother with her baby.  In our society where the emphasis is often on pumping or the breast milk, one must remember how important the mother is to her baby.  In God’s plan the nurturing and nourishment provided by the mother on a continual basis keeps the mother near her baby.  As we can see, God’s plan is good.
Ecological Breastfeeding:  For those interested in spacing births via ecological breastfeeding, I encourage you to read The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor. It is the latest, up-to-date version on this topic.

Breastfeeding Survey:  Any mother who has done ecological breastfeeding and has had a return of menstruation is invited to complete the NFPI breastfeeding survey.  If a mother believes the Seven Standards did not give her an extended period of breastfeeding infertility, we would like to hear from her also.

Sheila Kippley

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