Natural Family Planning and Dr. Konald A. Prem NFP System

The Konald A. Prem system of fertility awareness.  Dr. Konald A. Prem was a full professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Minnesota medical school (Department chairman 1976-1984) who applied his knowledge to the practical question of discerning a woman’s fertility.  Specifically, how can spouses know the fertile and infertile times of the wife’s fertility-menstrual cycle?  He knew how to use three common signs of fertility and infertility: cervical mucus, physical changes in the cervix, and the basal (resting) temperature.  Dr. Prem also wanted an excellent alternative to hormonal birth control with its abortifacient and carcinogenic effects.

Crosschecking Systematic NFP.  Dr. Prem taught couples how to use all three signs in a crosschecking way for highest effectiveness and confidence; and in NFPI we follow his form of systematic NFP.  A couple is free to use any one sign by itself, but we recommend using at least the basal temperature and the cervical mucus in a crosschecking way.  Couples who use this system and abstain from the marriage act during the fertile time have a pregnancy-avoidance rate in the 99% range.  This system is also very helpful for achieving pregnancy, and the temperature sign is uniquely helpful for estimating the date of childbirth.

John and Sheila Kippley

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