A Priest’s Advent Appeal

Please read the following letter from Fr. Mark Watkins.  If you want to respond, please send donations to: NFPI, P. O. Box 11216, Cincinnati OH 45211.  Thanks.

Dear Friend of NFPI,

Thank you for reading this letter.

Pope Paul VI was right.  The widespread acceptance of contraception has led to the culture of death.  At the cultural and the personal level, nothing is more important than a rebirth of chastity that will lead to a stop to contraception and abortion and to a culture of life. 

The conversion of hearts, and in particular the hearts of the married and the engaged, on this issue is crucial to personal salvation and the well being of the culture.  To that end, I am asking you to help sustain the work of NFPI with your prayers and a financial gift.

As a pastor, NFPI has been a tremendous help to me in preparing couples for marriage.  When couples initially come to me, so many of them presume, even if unconsciously, that they will contracept until they are ready to have a baby.  But being taught NFP by NFP International begins to change all of that: it moves them. 

NFPI emphasizes Jesus, the gift of the Magisterium, Humanae Vitae and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It teaches couples all of the common signs of fertility.  They are taught the most natural form of NFP – ecological breastfeeding.

So, I am appealing to you for prayers and a financial gift to sustain this very urgent work of NFPI.  Your gift will further the promotion and teaching of NFP.  Your gift will certainly assist expansion into welcoming dioceses, the recruitment and training of teachers, and support a small full-time staff.

Please be as generous as you can.  A major donor wants to match your gifts up to a total of $10,000.  The goal for this appeal is $25,000.

May the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus, bless you and yours abundantly this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

A Blessed Advent and Christmas to you!

Fr. Mark Watkins
Pastor, St. Lawrence Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

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