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Breastfeeding Articles

What Every Priest Should Know About Ecological Breastfeeding (2019)

Eradication of Poverty One Child at a Time through Breastfeeding (Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D., 2007)

Born to be Breastfed (2007)

Babywearing 101 (Gretchen Pimentel, 2007)

Scriptural Mothering (2006)

Nursing Mothers's Reflections on the Beatitudes (2005)

It Works Too Well (1999) - When an eco-breastfeeding mother desires another baby

Breastfeeding: New Catholic Interest (1999)

The Gospel of Life and Breastfeeding (1996)

Pope John Paul II on Breastfeeding (1995)

Breastfeeding in Church (Michaela Prentis, 1989)

Pope Pius XII on Breastfeeding (1941)