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Breastfeeding Infertility Research

The Seven Standards Summary

Breastfeeding Does Space Babies and It Does So Much More (2021)

Ecological Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing (2015)

Comparison of Ecological Breastfeeding and LAM (2002)

Spacing Babies with Ecological Breastfeeding (1989)

Review of Breastfeeding Infertility Research up to 1972 (1974)

Relation between Breastfeeding and Amenorrhea (1972)

Postpartum Ovulation (Konald Prem, M.D., 1971)

The Effects of Lactation on Menstruation and Impregnation (Leonard Remfry, M.D., 1895)

Planification naturelle des naissances : les sept points de l'allaitement écologique