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NFP-How-To Manual - Reviews

“Clear and simple, this manual can be a real help to couples who wish to learn an NFP methodology at home!”
Theresa Notare
Diocesan Development Program for NFP
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

“We could not afford to go to the NFP classes. We learned NFP using your manual.”

“The work you began completely changed our lives and those of our children. As someone who has attended two other NFP teacher-training programs, I can say that the program YOU developed was the best.”

“We like the new manual. After teaching NFP for 15 years, reading this manual is still interesting. The question and answer format catches and keeps the reader's interest. It feels as though the two of you are right in the room with us, teaching in person.”

“I like your approach, especially the Q and A format. Also I appreciate the direct manner in which you address the questions. It is very helpful to the Church and what we believe to be God's plan for marriage and family life.”

“Ecological breastfeeding proved to be a great way of naturally spacing children.”

“The NFPI chart is the most comprehensive chart I've found and I look forward to using it to keep track of multiple types of data on one piece of paper.”

“Thank you for making this resource freely available to all. It is very valuable and the introduction was very well written. The points are sharp and thought provoking. Keep up the good work!!”

“I came across ecological breastfeeding when I was searching to discern God's holy will when it came to breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc. with my child. I am so thankful for deciding to practice natural and ecological mothering.”

“I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for the website. It is very helpful for those of us who need a refresher course on NFP, and so easy to access and read. So thank you very much.”

“I want to say thank you for keeping up the website. It's a great reference, and being able to download the manual and charts for free is a major plus for financially struggling newlyweds. Thanks for dedicating yourselves to this effort. You are reaching younger Catholics and providing us with the resources necessary to reach out to our friends.”

“Thank you for writing and publishing such a wonderful book. My fiance and I are trying to learn how to do NFP properly before we get married so it was really wonderful to have this material.”

“At the outset, congratulations on your online program! You've put together a very attractive, easy-to-follow client manual that can be downloaded, three hole-punched and filed in a ring binder, just as one would receive in many classroom settings. I found it very easy to read, and the format of questions/answers is appealing. The unit on ecological breastfeeding is also done very well as is the morality component, and I appreciate the NO APOLOGIES for Catholic content!”
Janet Kistler
Director of Phoenix NFP Center (24 years)
DDP/NFP with USCCB (6 years)