6. The Right Kind of NFP Instruction: A Work of Evangelization

Diocesan and parish policy.

There are undoubtedly some engaged couples who have already formed their consciences properly and want the right kind of NFP course.  I do not deny that these good souls can certainly benefit from the New Evangelization effort.  However, the real challenge is to reach the great number of Catholics who are more nominal than active in the faith.  Many are coming to be married in the Church more to please their parents or grandparents or because it provides a beautiful setting or simply because of a family or social custom.  These couples can be the greatest beneficiaries of the kind of NFP course I have described, and the vast majority of them will come without any fuss if it is made clear that the course is a normal part of preparation for marriage. Many may regard it, at first, as just another hoop, but by the end of this kind of course it would be a rare couple who would regard it as a waste of time.

NFPI Home Study Course:  For those couples unable to attend the right kind of NFP course in their diocese, they can take the home study course from NFP International.

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