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Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach

Sunday, December 27th, 2020

This is my last weekly blog which I started in 2007.

Natural Family Planning International exists to help people learn the practice of natural family planning within the context of the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Our approach to natural family planning is The Complete Approach because it regards you as a complete person who is much more than just your fertility.  This approach is also the Original Content of the Triple Strand consisting of Ecological Breastfeeding, the Covenant theology of the marriage act, and the systematic natural family planning involving all the fertility signs.

Anyone can contact NFP International at

Sheila Kippley

Natural Family Planning: The Home Study Course Comments by Couples

Sunday, May 31st, 2020

I have gained a significant amount of knowledge through taking this course. I am agnostic, so I learned a good amount about Catholicism and the beliefs towards sex and children. Furthermore, I have not learned anything regarding menstruation/cycles since my middle school sexual education days, so this was great. Especially new to me were all of the methods to tell exactly what part of the cycle a woman is in. I think I will be able to help Laura with her fertility and her nursing!

This course was very in depth, informative, and thoroughly explained with great constructive feedback for each section.  We had a basic understanding of how the cycle worked; however, we were not aware that it was this easily quantifiable and predictable.

We benefited from taking this course—both in NFP practices and the different forms of breastfeeding.

I learned a lot and feel more prepared for the future.  We both gained more knowledge and feel more educated on Natural Family Planning. We will continue to chart and plan for our children while praying for guidance.

There is a large amount of information to benefit our relationship with each other centered on God. We look forward to utilizing this course in our marriage.

I will sincerely recommend this course to my friends that are due to wed! I think its helpful information to anyone even if they are not Catholic or if they are male! I think it is important to know the natural signs the body gives to indicate periods of fertility and infertility, rather than forcing it to be a certain way via the pill or other unnatural methods. I had no idea there were all of these signs that can be used! I also liked how this book not only talks natural ways of avoiding pregnancy, but also how to naturally increase chances of a successful pregnancy. These will probably come in handy down the road 🙂 Also I do like how this book gives a background into the Catholic teachings and morality regarding different aspects of sex and having children. I think the belief system aligns with what I feel internally is virtuous and brings positive energy into the world.

Sheila Kippley
Home Study Course

Natural family Planning International

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

Every fertile-age person can benefit from learning this threefold approach—  baby-care, the meaning of sexuality, and systematic NFP.  When this approach is used more widely, more babies and their mothers will be healthier, more babies will be born into two-parent families, and more families will benefit from the practice of chaste Natural Family Planning and the avoidance of chemical birth control with its abortifacient properties and hazards to personal health.  Also, since synthetic Pill hormones do not break down, they adversely affect aquatic animals, so that environmental damage in our waterways will be reduced.

The big question is this:  How can we get this information to those who need it?  As you read this, anyone in the world with access to the internet can access our website and download our user’s manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach.  They can also enroll in our Home Study Course.  Currently a couple can complete the NFPI Home Study course in a short time—even just a week if they work at it.  Their tests are personally reviewed and corrected by a volunteer.  The NFPI home study course is one of the most economical NFP teaching programs and one of the most complete.   For information on the home study course, see the home page of NFP International.  The NFPI teaching manual, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach, spends a lot of time encouraging couples to be generous in having children. It also teaches God’s way for spacing births through the right kind of breastfeeding and explains all the fertility options and rules. The manual can be downloaded for a suggested donation of $10.  The manual fully supports Catholic Church teaching.

John and Sheila Kippley