4 Breastfeeding and Theology of the Body

. Both biological acts have an impact upon the family and society. When the two persons, husband and wife, remain together in faithful marriage, both family and society benefit. Children do much better in all facets of their lives when they have their two parents living together in the same household. We all probably know people who claim the divorce of their parents was one of the worst events in their lives.

Breastfeeding likewise can have a significant impact, physically and emotionally, on the health of an individual and the family and thus upon society… Experts tell us that how a mother cares for her child during the first three years of life can have a tremendous impact upon the health of our society. God in his wisdom helps to ensure this care during most of the first three years of life through prolonged lactation.

Sheila Kippley
Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood
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