5 Breastfeeding and Theology of the Body

. Both acts should involve the gift of self to another. Husband and wife show their intimate love for each other physically and emotionally in the marriage act, giving themselves to each other without holding anything back, including their fertility. Breastfeeding helps the mother become a “gift of self ” to her baby continually throughout the day. Breastfeeding teaches a mother to put her baby first and to give of her time for the needs of her baby. This learning process occurs in an easy and natural way with breastfeeding.

Because we are only human, we know that there may occasionally be grumbling and complaining between husband and wife or by the breastfeeding mother over her particular situation. But in both relationships, the married couple and the breastfeeding mother should have the faithful commitment to be a gift of self to the other and to spend time, heart, and soul serving the other. Love is thinking of the good of the other and showing this thoughtfulness in words and deeds.

Sheila Kippley
Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood
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