Natural Family Planning: An Excellent Home Study Course

I have three volunteer jobs.  My favorite one is working with couples who are taking the NFP International Home Study Course.   Here are some of their comments below.

Thank you! It was great working with you. We will contact you if we have any questions.

We have gained a lot of new knowledge and have benefited from this course!

Very in depth, informative, and thoroughly explained with great constructive feedback for each section.    We had a basic understanding of how the cycle worked; however, we were not aware that it was this easily quantifiable and predictable.

Thank you so much for guiding us and teaching us for the future of our marriage. We really appreciate all your help to help us learn NFP.

The course has prepared us for a married life honoring God in everything we do including in the act of marriage.

We have gained an understanding of the teaching of the Catholic Church and a new profound love for our relationship, our bodies, God love for each other and for ourselves as we bear children in the near future.

The course was very helpful having practice charts and examples throughout the manual.

Awesome! Thank you for helping us along in this course. We definitely learned a lot of things throughout this.

We learned a lot as a family and were able to discuss some of the topics in the book.  We have gained a lot of knowledge of the female cycle and how to prepare for our family planning.

Thank you very much. I appreciate you working to get us through this. We had a lot of setbacks in the last few months and we certainly had to play catch up. That being said, it was nice to be reminded that Nate and I are at our best when working together 🙂  (finished in 5 days)

This course has been very eye-opening for both of us. We are very excited to start a family together, and we believe NFP will help us do that.

We both gained more knowledge and feel more educated on Natural Family Planning. We will continue to chart and plan for our children while praying for guidance.

Sheila Kippley
Home Study Course Information Sheet


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