Natural Family Planning: The Home Study Course Comments by Couples

These current comments are similar to the comments posted during the week of January 12th showing that couples appreciate having taken the Home Study Course.

Thank you for working with us on throughout this course. We are excited to move forward in our marriage together.  The course was very in depth and we have gained new knowledge from taking this course.

I am a pharmacy student in my 4th and final year so I knew most of the medical side of how the cycle works and what goes into each of the different phases of the cycle but it was interesting to learn about the specific signs and how to interpret fertility based on these, especially because each women is different. I believe that I added to my knowledge base and may be able to not only help myself but provide counseling to other struggling women and point them in the right direction in the future. Thank you.

We learned things as a couple that we didn’t know before.  The breastfeeding chapters were especially informative.

We truly knew nothing about natural family planning before this course.   Even though I consider myself a practicing Catholic, I was completely unaware of the church’s viewpoints on natural family planning matters beside abstinence. After this course, we have gained knowledge on options available for family planning and naturally avoiding pregnancies after marriage.

We have gained a lot of knowledge of all the cycles and methods on how to get pregnant. The course was very helpful and we benefited.

This course was very clear and informative, and we were able to move at our own pace getting through the chapters and tests.   It was intimidating at first, but after reviewing each chapter and carefully interpreting the practice charts, it’s not as difficult as we thought. NFP and marriage are two experiences that will no doubt be challenging, but we are excited to undergo both alongside each other!

We really did learn a lot about NFP through your program. And it is wonderful to have the book to have the opportunity to reference in the future.

I found breastfeeding to be an area I realized I did not know much about, but after reading gained knowledge about how long to breastfeed and the benefits that come along with it.  This was a very informative course and was enjoyable.  I learned more about the natural way to start planning our soon to be growing family in the upcoming years.

Sheila Kippley
Home Study Course

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