Fourth Standard of Ecological Breastfeeding

Fourth Standard of Ecological Breastfeeding

Sleep with Your Baby for Night Feedings

Nighttime nursings are important for maintaining a steady milk supply and for natural child spacing, and co-sleeping greatly assists both effects. 

Research has shown that nursing during the night is a most important practice in delaying a return of menstruation.  Bedsharing has many benefits other than the benefit of amenorrhea.  Twenty (20) other benefits are listed in The Seven Standards.

“Our little girl wakes at night to be nursed and sometimes nurses often at night.  We have a king-size bed so it really doesn’t bother our sleep.  We have relied entirely on nursing for postponing pregnancy.  It is the most enjoyable method of spacing babies.  I just regret all the years that were completely safe or could have been and we didn’t know it.”

Sheila Kippley
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