Fifth Standard of Ecological Breastfeeding

Fifth Standard of Ecological Breastfeeding

Sleep with Your Baby for a Daily-Nap Feeding

This is probably the most ignored Standard, but it helps a mother avoid fatigue which may affect her milk supply and may interfere with her natural infertility.  An analysis of those mothers doing ecological breastfeeding and yet claiming to have an early return of menstruation were found not to have taken one daily nap with their nursing baby.  Mothers get that much needed rest when they take a short nap or rest with their baby.

“We have 5 children in 5 years even while using ecological breastfeeding (except the nap). We co-slept and breastfed on demand. I wish I read [your manual] earlier other than the fact that we might have not been blessed with our children if I had. This had the clearest information on NFP that I have read. I made it to a first birthday party without being pregnant for the first time. I tried to take a nap when possible, used extended breastfeeding and added the cervix recommendations (which are the clearest in your book). My fertility didn’t come back until 10 months this time instead of the usual 2-3 months. The longest I nursed before was 19 months and I am still nursing my 1 and almost 2 1/2 year old this time. I have recommended this site to tons of people. I was tempted to give up because we just couldn’t afford any more kids and were really struggling with homeschooling and having so many kids so close together so I really appreciate your help!”

Sheila Kippley
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